Hi there folks, my name is Ryan Arter and I’m thrilled to have the ability to start this blog and my site “MissionSurvivor.com

This gives me an outlet and a place to share my thoughts and experiences and hopefully help you to sift through the enormous amounts of information that is out on the internet. I know, I’m adding more information…but if like what I have to say, I have done a ton of research on many different topics and I’ve used many of the products that you may be considering for your cache of gear.

Prepping is a passion of mine (along with many others) but it’s nevertheless part of who I am and it makes me feel comfortable that my family has the basic necessities at their fingertips and at a moment’s notice. This is the basis of being a prepper.

I noticed that my prepping translated into my camping plans, and my prep stash is basically a very large camping inventory. I feel they are related activities albeit we typically plan hiking or camping trips for fun, and prep for disaster. I try to make the best of everything.

I want to tell you – I am no expert. However I come at things with a logical perspective but I guarantee that I will rattle some of the “professional” opinions out there. I am not trying to buck the system or to argue anyone else’s experiences or advice. In fact, you may think that I’m full of baloney in which case you’re welcome to have a good laugh or simply choose not to visit my site again.

For those of you that I can help, stick with me and hopefully I can offer some insight into living harmoniously with Mother Nature or provide some assistance with your TEOTWAWKI planning.

In any case, thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the trails. In fact, when the SHTF I’ll be in the same boat as you – and we can all use a few more friends in the world.

Send me an email if you ever have any input or want to share experiences.

Take care, be safe – take some time to prepare.


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