Hello friends,

It’s a gorgeous day here in Kansas City- I mean, I don’t think that people that drive around for a living appreciate it as much as I did, but my drive into work was fun and relaxing. In fact, I took a few backroads to work where the snow was fresh and powdery. It was like I was in my own world…I opted to take the Mission Survivor vehicle, our tricked out Land Cruiser with 4 wheel drive and lockers, which makes it nearly impossible to get stuck in the snow. It’s a comfort that’s for sure – even though the snow wasn’t terribly deep. It was just a great sight to see.


So I stopped, jumped out and took a few pics. Half of me wants to take the day off and play “off-roading-man”, the other half knows that I needed to be at work. So here I am, at work!!I hope you have some fun out in the snow!

Have a great morning, Ryan

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